Projection Genomics Toolkit

On this page, you will find the Projection Genomics Toolkit, which implements the methods described in the following papers:

  • J. Buhler. "Efficient large-scale sequence comparison by locality-sensitive hashing." Bioinformatics 17:419-429, 2001.
  • J. Buhler and M. Tompa. "Finding motifs using random projections." Journal of Computational Biology 9(2):225-242, 2002. (An earlier version of this work appeared at ACM RECOMB 2001.)
  • J. Buhler. "Provably sensitive indexing strategies for biosequence similarity search." Journal of Computational Biology 10(3/4):399-418, 2003. (An earlier version of this work appeared at ACM RECOMB 2002.)

    The current version of the PGT software is 0.42. This version contains numerous small updates versus the previous version 0.4. The most notable change is removal of numerous instances of pre-standard C++ usage; the PGT should now compile cleanly under g++ 3.4.0.

    Older Versions

    Jeremy Buhler (jbuhler AT wustl DOT edu)
    Last Update: 4/20/2004